what do I mean by “my transgender experience”?

This is a personal narrative written to provide inspiration and data.

I speak only for myself, not all transgender people.

Moreover, this work is specifically biased toward a discussion of life as a transwoman rather than attempting to capture other expressions of transgender and non-binary life.

I can’t even begin to speak for the experiences of transmen and non-binary folks except in cases where all of us are affected together by an issue, such as political and spiritual oppression, or in the case of my scientific posts.

I also talk about other facets of my life, because life as a transwoman is simply human life. I want to demonstrate integration, humanity. We work, play, and love. I portray successes and challenges of simply living as a transwoman through the lens of other activities and other thinking. For example, I often write about love, and sometimes write about the nature of business.

I also write a lot about music, because the music I create regularly promotes trans liberation and always intersects my life experiences (see “this is transgender music” and “axis evil“).

Please see my post “about this blog” for further details of what I’m working to accomplish with this project.

Emily Marie Williams, 19 January 2018