using video to help feminize my walk, posture, voice, and body language (part 1)

I bought a video camera today so that I may film myself walking to see how better I can feminize how I carry myself. I’m looking to project poise and feminine power, of course, and to deliver a sexy strut!

Using the camera will also help me work on posture, correct sitting, and giving presentations (voice and body language).

Furthermore, I’ll film my punk shows and my practice sessions so that I can learn from them. (Unlike the rest of my life, the stage presence I’m crafting here is NOT meant to be ladylike).

Finally, I’ll likely make a GoFundMe video to solicit money for this book I am writing. Therefore I’ll need the camera for that.

Here an example of filming my walk as I develop it:

As you can see, it needs work but I’m making progress. You can also see from the video that this is a really good camera, available from Amazon.

prophet with a lowercase “p”
pissing standing up

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