Caitlyn Jenner did something really nice for me

I don’t remember when this photo was taken, but it was soon after I started living as Emily. A coworker’s daughter attended Caitlyn Jenner’s alma matter, where Ms. Jenner gave the graduation speech. The daughter asked Ms. Jenner for this photo on my behalf!

what is good and right and wholesome about how I love romantically
resistance to feeling as if I don’t deserve sexual pleasure or recognition of my feminine sexuality

One thought on “Caitlyn Jenner did something really nice for me”

  1. San Jose State established the: “Bruce Test” with the statistics and results based on Bruce’ performance after the Decathlon he won. Exemplary physical condition – !!

    Bruce being the consummate ultimate Athlete!

    At 35 years of age I was evaluated as: A College Cross County Athlete. Thank You: Caitlyn!!!!

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