attempting to enter and exit my truck in a ladylike manner

I like to wear short skirts, and that makes getting into and out of my truck without showing too much skin a bit challenging. So I filmed myself to try and find a graceful, elegant way to do it. Recorded two takes: The first shows that work is clearly required, while the second shows improvement based on what I learned from the first.

First Take

Good stuff: My movements were paced and deliberate, and I kept my knees and ankles together.

Needs work: I DIDN’T SMILE! Also displayed too much rear thigh. And someone should tell me when my hairclip is off center!

Second Take

I smiled, displayed only the amount of skin I wanted to show, and fixed my hairclip.

Bonus: When I walk in heels my hips sway. I’ll probably accentuate this a bit as I work on my walk.

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