the trick to walking in heels…

The trick to walking in heels is to act like you own the world.

Videos to Help You Master the Art of Wearing High Heels

There’s technique involved: I compiled a video playlist to help you learn the it, including a video focused on the specific needs of plus-sized women:

Emily’s Tips

Pair bright and/or expressive shoes with otherwise “blah” outfits to really light up your presence. Show no fear!

Tall women wear heels too. Show no fear!

Don’t wear white shoes on rainy days! They just get dirty and look terrible.

Keep your feet clean if you are wearing shoes that allow others to see the bottoms of your feet!  Get a pedicure if going open-toe.

Large Feet

Huffington Post ran a great article recommending where to shop for shoes if you have long feet: The Best Shoe Sites For Women With Large Feet.  I simply provide this link to the article because Huffington Post repeatedly proves a reliable source, and because I do not possess specific knowledge about the quality of the recommended retailers.

My Workhorse Pair

For the price, I’ve found these the most comfortable. Have many pairs of heels, but this is the one I wear most often–so much that I’ve had to have them repaired once. Amazon sells them at reasonable price:

Stretching Your Heels for Better Fit

If your favorite pair of heels fits too snug, you (or your cobbler if you’d prefer) can stretch it. You’ll need a shoe stretcher specifically designed for high heeled shoes (make sure to choose the correct size), and shoe stretching liquid:

The following video demonstrates how to do it:

patronization, and the fact that I get “carded” more as a woman
studying the science of sexiness

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