breast size validation

From my transition in July 2015 until December 2016, I wore prosthetic breast forms. Decent sized ones, but appropriate for my body.

But in December I traveled to India and decided the prosthetics would be too much hassle for the trip. So I bought smaller bras appropriate for the size of my natural breasts, which have grown in after two years on estrogen and testosterone blocker, and traveled without the prosthetics.

Turned out I liked the look, and now feel no urgency to get breast implants. I no longer wear the prosthetics.

And my dresses fit better. (I have wide shoulders; between that and larger breast forms, the dresses I wear were previously often tight in front).

But the real validation came when I slept with a man in Jaipur. He expressed delight at my breast size (knowing I’m trans) and was surprised that they were not surgically enhanced. To my utmost pleasure, he gripped my breasts tightly while fucking me. Left bruises.

Validation at its core.

But why did I need a man to give me this validation and confidence?


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