guys are weird about chicks holding the door for them

When I pretended to be a man, I held the door for both women and men when entering a building at the same time as another person. I was not obnoxious or chauvinistic about it, i.e., I did not rush to be first to the door. I only held it if I reached it first.

And I held it all the way; passing through myself only after the other person completely passed through.

Now that I’m a chick, I’ve observed that men act a little uncomfortable when I do this. So now if I get to a door right before a man does, I open the door as before, but I pass through it first and then hand the open door to the man so that he gains control over whether to continue holding it or allow it to shut.

A man I am close to coached me on this approach after I made him uncomfortable fully holding the door for him as per my previous habit.

Women don’t care; I still fully hold the door for them.

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