cultivating my sexy, feminine walk (part 1: where I’m at currently)

As I described in “studying the science of sexiness”, I’m working on improving the femininity and sex appeal of my walk. Used video and wore bright colors to examine my current skill level, which is documented here. I’ll come back later after I’ve practiced the insights I derived from these videos to report improvements.

The first video covers my “normal” walk in heels, i.e., what I use at work. The second video adds some pronounced and intentional hip sway in attempt to increase sexiness. Both videos reveal balance issues and the need for more practice aligning my feet on a straight line. They also suggest that my arms might need to be held closer to by body (need to think further about this one).

Quick Scientific Conjecture

I wonder if I can prompt subconscious perceived ovulation in men by intentionally increasing the sexiness of my walk once a month.

My “Normal” Walk in Heels

Despite the problems reported above, I was pleased to see my hips sway naturally:

Adding More Pronounced Hip Sway

Some of the timing is off, but overall this works. Need to practice:

How to Walk in Heels

For great tips and video on how to successfully walk in high heeled shoes, please see my post “the trick to walking in heels…“.

I’ve found this pair, available from Amazon, the most comfortable for the price. I have an insane number heels, but this is the pair I wear most often–so much that I’ve had to have them repaired once:

you can't afford me
a compromise adaptation to the problem of suicidal ideation

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