hacking my inner Princess Leia

As a young child, I asked my mother to sew me a Princess Leia costume for Halloween. She did. It was one of the few expressions of cross gender behavior she ever permitted. (As an adult I simply changed gender and tacitly demanded acceptance).

I don’t remember the costume request or the costume itself. My mom told me about it years later. But I do remember loving Star Wars and easily would have identified with the lead female character. She was a badass. And the woman who player her (I learned much later) was also a badass. Good role models for a young girl.

My new hair weave allows me to braid my hair into long pigtails, so I’ve started looping them in the back of my head as per Leia’s style.

So I’m celebrating my inner badass Star Wars princess heroine. And the fact that I shaved each side of my head makes the look my own. I’m reclaiming my memory, while hacking it to meet my needs today.

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