when dating, I hold men to higher standards than women

Now that I have experience dating both men and women, I’ve noticed that I hold men to higher standards than women:

I care how much money they make.

I care more about how stable a man’s career is than I do with women.

I’m willing to end the relationship based on more minor flaws.

There are exceptions: The only man I have ever slept with made a tiny fraction of my income—he simply was courteous. He earned my respect (and my body) just by being a nice guy, and by making a bold request in a polite way. He was not a bit educated. I’ll remember that encounter as one of the best in my life.

I think what this comes down to is that while in general I consider men the “weaker sex”, when I date men I want to feel I am in emotionally strong, capable hands.

By contrast, when I date women, my masculinity comes out and I’m okay being the “strong” one.

I’d rather things be balanced of course, but there is always give and take in a healthy relationship.

The other matter is that I simply like women more than men. So a man has to be exceptional to hold my attention.

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