DIY brain anatomy: looking for transgender features (part 1)

This is my pre-hormone-taking adult brain:

In my post “the science of gender identity (part 2: brain anatomy)“, I describe evidence that certain regions of transsexual brains resemble in size the regions of their cisgender counterparts in the transsexuals’ gender identity.

So I would like to measure my brain region sizes to see how they stack up. Enter image recognition:

This is someone else’s brain, but it shows a visual representation of an image recognition procedure’s results. I discovered I can use the same procedure on my MRI (but without being able to generate the cool image).

I ran the procedure on nine separate images of mine and compared the results by brain region. Here are the Spearman R values for the comparisons:

These results are very consistent, telling me that the image recognition program is consistent. This gives me confidence in using the results in later analyses comparing my brain region sizes to that of a population of cisgender brain MRIs.

Code, Data, and Procedure

Data, code, and instructions necessary to produce these results are attached.


at the genetics conference
selecting DNA targets for a transgender gene panel

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