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I started corset training yesterday. Never wore one before but decided to start. I’m going fulltime with it, for a variety of reasons:

The prime reason is to share solidarity with women of class going back several centuries. I want to experience the waist training they endured. I want to more completely identify with them.

Wearing a corset helps my posture. I tend to slouch in unladylike ways, which I will no longer tolerate.

Here is a corset that I believe will generally support a transwoman’s desires (haven’t tested out this particular one). It is steel boned, made for long torsos, and heavy duty; suitable for my vision of living in a corset full-time. The size range goes up to 6XL. Click on the image below to view the corset on Amazon:

I do not believe I’ll get much “waist training” benefit out of it, as my body is already mature, but we’ll see what happens.

I’ll admit I find living in a corset sexually arousing, especially because it constrains my motion (more on that below). And, as usual, I plan to get fucked while wearing one.

Psychologically, I’m finding living in a corset a very feminizing experience. I’m on a conscious mission to rid all my remaining masculinity from my subconscious, and I’m constantly looking for tools to help me do it. I expect wearing a corset fulltime to help.

Wearing a corset makes pissing while standing more tempting, as it is easier. I’ll resist this unladylike behavior.

Ultimately, I want to move with more grace, and I’m hoping the movement restriction I now experience due to the tightness of the corset will help me slow down my movements; enhance my mindfulness. This is similar to the fact that I have to slow down and make more deliberate motions while wearing high heels.

I started with two off-the-shelf corsets. Will order a custom-made corset in the near future to really drive the waist training effort.

Update 19 July 2017

I’m developing and living out a vision of what “being a lady” means to me (and only me!), and it involves taking on many of the classic social constrictions women have faced through the ages. I’ve made a significant personal commitment to this process–the slight restriction in breathing I now experience wearing a corset is a pleasant reminder. (Yes, I actually find it pleasant).

My improved posture earned me a compliment regarding my poise from the man who regularly coaches me on poise and presentation.


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