renaming my penis

Many guys name their penises. I never did until about ten years ago when my spouse at the time asked me what mine’s name is. I jokingly and instantly responded “Penelope”. What I didn’t think of until last night was the similarity between the words “Penel(ope)” and “penile”. However, I’m now working under the theory that I did make a subconscious—and rather witty—connection at the time.

So I had a girl’s name (fits who I am) for my cock, though the name has a masculine subtext in context (not a good fit). So I decided to give my penis another girl’s name, one without any subtle masculinity.

Moreover, I quickly named it “Emily” to enforce the mind-body connection. The damn thing is a part of me for now whether I like it or not, and I do gain pleasure from its use. “Emily” will undergo surgical metamorphosis soon, but I’ll keep the name.

Emily is changing. And it is good!

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