petticoats! (and where you can buy them)

I absolutely love frilly petticoats. Problem is, after two years of diligent Goodwill shopping I have only found one, pictured in my post “sissy fashion (part 2)”. And this petticoat doesn’t fill space, like the ones I would like to wear (see my post “sissy fashion” for examples of what I’d prefer).

I have no hips, and need all the help I can get!

Fortunately, I found the supplier Not sure what I think of the site yet, but the petticoats I ordered are pictured at the end of this post. Cost a total of $17. Looking forward to rocking them with my polka dot heels and a rockabilly dress!

But later a friend told me about Amazon. These two petticoats go up to XL, important since transwomen tend to run larger than cisgender women, and the price is about the same. They come in multiple colors and sizes up to XL:

Here is me working these designs:

weekly transwoman-friendly fashion roundup (#1 - introduction)
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