weekly transwoman-friendly fashion roundup (#1 – introduction)

Today I initiate a new series, a weekly roundup of fashions I’ve become enamored with during the week.

I particularly focus on the needs of transwomen in my survey, as transwomen generally stand taller than the average woman, generally fill more space, carry diminished hips, and sport broader shoulders.

With each recommendation I’ll state why it proves a good pick for many transgender woman, so that readers can improve their own eye for successful shopping.

This is a blatant effort to make money, as most of what I show you can click on and buy, resulting in my getting a cut. But think of it this way: The resulting cash flow supports this blog!

Without further ado:

A-Line Dress Skirt Vintage Floral Fit and Flare

This goes up to XXXL, and maximizes the image of having hips. The shoulders will appear neither too broad nor diminished:

Sleeveless Casual Flared Tank Dress

The lack of a waistline helps tall women look natural in this sort of dress–I’ve experienced much success wearing beltless flared dresses. This one goes up to XXL and offers many options for color and pattern:

Sleeveless Elegant Cocktail Dress

Two things really work for me with this type of dress:  First, the folds in the front help diminish the visual presence of by beer gut. Second, the cute bow in the shoulder distracts from my broad shoulders. I rock dresses like this all the time!  (See my Twitter profile picture for an example). This dress goes up to XXL and comes in three colors:

You can pull this off, girl!

Wedge Sandals

For transwomen just getting started wearing heals, I recommend beginning with wedges (see my post “the trick to walking in heals…” for helpful How-To videos).

Once you get the hang of it, I guarantee you’ll wear heels far more often than your cisgender peers!

Here are two wedge sandals I like, one modest, one flamboyant, from quality brands that go up to large sizes. Never fear expressiveness!

HINT TO NEW WOMEN:  Don’t wear white shoes on rainy days! They just get dirty and look terrible.

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