axis evil

Axis Evil serves as the musical arm of my transgender outreach effort. I write songs about transgender issues and love. The music combines punk, metal, and hardcore influences; with sophisticated rhythms, complex harmonies, and blistering counterpoint.

Below I post the albums for online listening, which contain links enabling you to download them. Following that I post a video of my performance at Transgress Fest 2017, where I sing two songs about transgender rights.

The absolute best way readers can support the ongoing production of this blog, and to support the book I’m writing about transgender experiences, is to purchase one of my albums. These are digital downloads, and you may “name your price” as desired (including, but hopefully not, $0).


Live Performance at Transgress Fest 2017



Sitar Work

My presentation on the sitar, given 21 March 2018 in Escondido, California, USA:


My sitar compositions, also found on the album “Light Me Up and Love the Bomb” above: