an electric razor that works for me

While this blog generally transcends issues of commerce, occasionally I find products useful specifically as a transgender woman and will recommend them. Consider an electric razor:

Some background: Due to years of electrolysis and laser treatment, few hairs remain on my face. But they grow fast. I dislike traditional shaving because the procedure often cuts me. So I tried an electric razor.

One that works for these few hairs is the Kissliss KLS7110. If I use it every day on my face I do not need to shave in any further manner. I’ve not determined how many days of growth would render this razor ineffective.

But this razor also appeals to the engineer in me: I live in an RV, and therefore much of my electrical system involves 12 VDC. This easily converts to the 5 VDC of a USB port, so I bought the razor because one charges it from a USB port.