corset hazard

I wear corsets regularly, such as the one pictured below:

For reasons explained in my post “corset training”, I’m going nearly full-time with these. What makes the one above suitable for daily waist training is that it is heavy duty—steel boned. Particular to the needs of transwomen, it’s made for long torsos and comes from Amazon in sizes up to 6XL.

But There’s a Hazard

Consider the following close-up:

I sliced my hand badly on the blade of a clip when pushing hard to unclip the corset.

Don’t do this!

vision quest, punishment, and burning desire

I’m on a conscious mission to rid all my remaining masculinity from my subconscious, and I’m constantly looking for tools to help me do it. — From my post “corset training

Smoking weed puts me in touch with my base sexuality like nothing else, and femininity consumes my base sexuality. And my base sexuality demands complete femininity.

So should I follow Timothy Leary’s approach and smoke pot to engineer my subconscious?

If so, how would I do it? Marijuana delivers two major challenges: Inaction and likely distortion of the memory-forming process. So I’d need a robust plan for successfully enacting an “engineering” activity while high. Then it might be a crap-shoot regarding what I retain.

We are not talking about surgical precision here.

Timothy Leary preferred LSD anyway. I’ve taken it once, and remember the key life lessons learned from the trip (even after over 20 years). Perhaps a vision quest now that I’m a woman is the ticket?

I’m likely going to pass on the LSD approach for two reasons: First, I don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize my forthcoming gender-affirmation surgery and its long term success. Second, it probably won’t help my struggles with bipolar disorder.

I’ll also pass on using marijuana as a tool for engineering my subconscious. There are just too many variables for a controlled process.

I don’t think behavior modification as a psychological practice survived long in psychology after B. F. Skinner. The exceptions I’ve seen are the highly related cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

CBT and DBT work by developing conscious skills for managing subconscious responses to stimuli. This is simply training and practice.

This points to the core: I think the only behavioral modification strategy that really works is training and practice.

In sissy games, the dominant partner often employs punishment in attempt to drive out masculine behavior and masculine thinking. I suspect this ultimately fails, as it probably just breeds resentment and frustration—even if the person being subjugated “wants” it. And there really is no incentive for the sissy to change if both partners “like” the punishment cycle.

This points to an even deeper core: I think the only behavioral modification strategy that really works is burning internal desire for change.

corset training

I started corset training yesterday. Never wore one before but decided to start. I’m going fulltime with it, for a variety of reasons:

The prime reason is to share solidarity with women of class going back several centuries. I want to experience the waist training they endured. I want to more completely identify with them.

Wearing a corset helps my posture. I tend to slouch in unladylike ways, which I will no longer tolerate.

Here is a corset that I believe will generally support a transwoman’s desires (haven’t tested out this particular one). It is steel boned, made for long torsos, and heavy duty; suitable for my vision of living in a corset full-time. The size range goes up to 6XL. Click on the image below to view the corset on Amazon:

I do not believe I’ll get much “waist training” benefit out of it, as my body is already mature, but we’ll see what happens.

I’ll admit I find living in a corset sexually arousing, especially because it constrains my motion (more on that below). And, as usual, I plan to get fucked while wearing one.

Psychologically, I’m finding living in a corset a very feminizing experience. I’m on a conscious mission to rid all my remaining masculinity from my subconscious, and I’m constantly looking for tools to help me do it. I expect wearing a corset fulltime to help.

Wearing a corset makes pissing while standing more tempting, as it is easier. I’ll resist this unladylike behavior.

Ultimately, I want to move with more grace, and I’m hoping the movement restriction I now experience due to the tightness of the corset will help me slow down my movements; enhance my mindfulness. This is similar to the fact that I have to slow down and make more deliberate motions while wearing high heels.

I started with two off-the-shelf corsets. Will order a custom-made corset in the near future to really drive the waist training effort.

Update 19 July 2017

I’m developing and living out a vision of what “being a lady” means to me (and only me!), and it involves taking on many of the classic social constrictions women have faced through the ages. I’ve made a significant personal commitment to this process–the slight restriction in breathing I now experience wearing a corset is a pleasant reminder. (Yes, I actually find it pleasant).

My improved posture earned me a compliment regarding my poise from the man who regularly coaches me on poise and presentation.