spinning masculinity into a seduction tool

Last night at my favorite bar I found myself flirting with two stunning women. Delivered bold masculine technique punctuated by proud feminine presence. I stood out hot and I knew it. Through my maneuvering I made it extremely clear which side of the tracks I walked on that night. A man in their party saw […]

why I often try to date coworkers

Folks generally consider it a bad idea to date coworkers. But I have a specific reason why I support the idea: Safety. Here is the thing: Dating while trans is difficult—and dangerous. Transgender women often become death statistics. Therefore meeting in person with a stranger whom I first met online scares the shit out of […]

this is “transgender” music

I identify my music as “transgender” in that it emits from my experience as a transgender person. Sometimes directly—I occasionally write songs specifically about transgender issues—but usually less directly. Here I deconstruct this musical identity in my work, and provide example songs to illustrate. My primary goal as a musician is to strengthen the transgender […]