on love

Thought it time to write an essay (of sorts) on the nature of love: Here I specifically mean Romantic love, partnership love; not other kinds. I won’t throw Greek words at you to differentiate between the types of love as many writers do (e.g. C.S. Lewis), except I thought I’d decide to use the term […]

breast growth: need to wear a bra from here on out

As of today, I’ve decided that I have to wear a bra from here on out whenever out in public. I’ve reached a point in my breast growth where a blouse over my bare chest just won’t cut it socially anymore. Stupid society. But kind of cool, huh?

estrogen deficit disorder

Potential correlation: I’ve recently upped my estrogen dose, and have recently been happier than I’ve been at anytime in the last two years. What if the two are related? What if my brain expects a certain baseline level of estrogen to function best that it never received until now? There is evidence that hormone administration […]