flaunt those legs girl!

Transgender women typically sport great legs, due to pre-HRT (hormone replacement therapy) muscle development combined with post-HRT muscle shaping. The result stands out! So flaunt those legs girl! I never wear pants. And remember that high heels will further accentuate your legs! For tips and video on successfully living in heels see my post “the […]

breast growth: need to wear a bra from here on out

As of today, I’ve decided that I have to wear a bra from here on out whenever out in public. I’ve reached a point in my breast growth where a blouse over my bare chest just won’t cut it socially anymore. Stupid society. But kind of cool, huh?

the science of gender identity (part 3: psychology)

This is the third post in a multi-part series surveying the current science of gender identity, particularly with regard to the transgendered population. My first post on the subject covered proposed genetic associations and corresponding research. The second post on the matter discussed observed differences in brain anatomy between transgendered and cisgendered individuals. Here I […]