holding onto gifts I’d planned to give

While in Rajasthan last December, I purchased a necklace I’d hoped to one day give “Carol”, and while in Kashmir I was given a headscarf that I’d hoped to give immediately to another woman (let’s call her “Susan”—as I never publish real names). Suffice to say that neither opportunity arose and I still have these […]

new album!

Just released a new album today: Light Me Up and Love the Bomb by Axis Evil The cover photo was taken of graffiti in Kashmir. Three of the songs explore my evolving feminine sexuality. The other two are sitar instrumentals. Three of the songs on this album are described in my post “this is transgender […]


I’m willing to be a martyr for liberty or solidarity—not planning on it—but I want no part in any other form of Romantic death. Except this one time there was a slight appeal to it: Visited Kashmir in December. Rather reckless of me considering there is an insurgency going on, and that foreigners get kidnapped […]