taking a cue from Mary Magdalene

The femininity expressed in my spiritual life expands daily. My attraction to men grows by the hour. Perhaps these events are correlated.

I’ve figured out that I too would sleep with Jesus.

I do not say this to mock God—quite the contrary: This realization is the only way I can comprehend a completely masculine God.

Update 1 May 2017

What this is really about is identifying with Mary Magdalene for the first time in my life, and more generally, with prostitutes.

In my post “you can’t afford me” I set a price for my services. Mary did this at some point. This was the first time I considered engaging in such activity—I now have something in common with her.

Many transwomen work as prostitutes. My expression here is a somewhat spiritual solidarity with them.

The image of Mary that I am employing here comes from Jesus Christ Superstar, from the song “I Don’t Know to Love Him” [1]. The song reflects the intimacy that I’ve started feeling with a few of the men in my life. As Jesus is a man, and I’m starting to have more intimate feelings for men, I can’t help blurring the line.