cybernetic cunt

I don’t own a clitoris and I don’t own a g-spot. But I posit that I “hit” them orgasmically using my mind.

The thing is, (I think) all humans hold the genetic code for this anatomy, regardless of phenotype. We all therefore likely possess the neural mappings “connected” to the activation of these nerves. Taking estrogen and suppressing my testosterone probably strengthens these neural pathways.

So take your brain and focus your next orgasm where you want it.

“Z-Spot” (Update 10 August 2018)

I wrote this post based solely on my own psychosexual experience, and therefore was pleased when my genderqueer friend Epochryphal read the article and stated that the idea also resonated with them. Sometime prior to our conversation they coined the term “z-spot” to describe the concept.

You can read Epochryphal’s fabulous blog here.

embracing the vibrator

Two things:

  1. I’ll need to dilate my vagina regularly once I have my gender affirmation surgery.
  2. Due to the hormones I’m taking, it is getting harder and harder by the day to orgasm through penile stimulation.

In response I’ve come to love my new anal vibrator, which I purchased yesterday.

Using it regularly (and keeping it clean) will help me form the habit of inserting something into my new vagina every day after my surgery.

But more immediately, it is gratifying to use it now—and not just sexually. I feel more feminine when I’m inserting an object into my body for pleasure. Like I’ve accepted my feminine identity and am happy with it.

Frankly, I enjoy receiving a good anal fuck, and this is a nice substitute when I’m lonely. It’s all warm and tingly inside and taking care of myself in this way makes me feel special.

I even pray while using it. I’ve always thought prayer during sexual activity makes sense anyway.

Update 23 October 2017

But I always kept the location of the vibrator discrete in case guests came suddenly. The result was I could never find it–and it was never charged–when I wanted it.

Having no shame–shame is for inauthentic people–I decided instead to hang it up on the wall of my RV next to my bed for easy access. The I designed the mechanism to allow leaving the vibrator in place while traveling, such that it won’t get damaged.

I’m not ashamed of who I am. Here is picture of my solution: