perhaps my stage presence is too masculine… (part 2)

In my recent post “perhaps my stage presence is too masculine… (part 1)”, I ask whether I move too much like a guy while performing, and ask whether I care.

I worked out my answers to both questions: Yes, and yes.

The video posted below shows the problem: My movement to the music flows from my chest on up (masculine), rather than from my hips (feminine). I want to drive my motion from the hips to produce more feminine fluidity and curve.

And now that I’ve observed this, I feel deeply uncomfortable that I’m not achieving the more feminine display. It just doesn’t “feel right”.

What I really need to do is watch other female musicians play guitar while simultaneously singing, to see what they do with their bodies.

Also, in all the music videos I’ve posted on this blog so far, I wear flats. This was so I could jump around for the performance of “Voice in the Distance”. I should see what I can do wearing platform heels (I won’t jump around, that’s for sure).

Here is a video featuring my arrangements of “Enjoy the Silence” and “La Isla Bonita”. The second song is a samba, so the call for significant hip motion proves especially pronounced: