Axis Evil featuring Napalm Fatale @ the Che Café – 24 January 2019

My performance with special guest Queen Mab playing the Kaossilator Pro. I’m using a seven-string guitar and trying new embellishments in the guitar parts, especially in the song “Voice in the Distance”:

lace punk, satin punk, petticoat punk, oh my!

This article was first published on the fashion blog Mad Hot and Artsy on 20 November 2018. Special thanks to them for featuring my content!

To satirize my proud (and adopted) feminine modality, I developed a personal clothing style I call “lace punk”, “satin punk”, and/or “petticoat punk”. It carries steampunk, burlesque, and pin-up influences; and emphasizes poise, class, and elegance. In other words, I give the appearance of “high class”. This combination kills when combined with sound posture and a confident stride—my satire has since evolved into a robust display of raw power.

Key elements involve millinery, corsetry, lace or satin gloves, heels, and frequent appearance in gowns.

The “punk” in all this is me: Accomplished hacker. Cyberpunk. Skilled guitar shredder. Free-thinking anarchist. These outfits tweak guys’ expectations when I talk engineering circles around them—“geek chic” never celebrated femininity quite like this.

I perform under the stage name “Napalm Fatale”. Have released two albums freely available at Wrote an important article called “This is Transgender Music” describing this work and my musical goals.

I founded the company Whole-Systems Enterprises, Inc. to pay the bills. Am extremely interested in applying artificial intelligence to the fashion industry.

petticoats! (and where you can buy them)

I absolutely love frilly petticoats. Problem is, after two years of diligent Goodwill shopping I have only found one, pictured in my post “sissy fashion (part 2)”. And this petticoat doesn’t fill space, like the ones I would like to wear (see my post “sissy fashion” for examples of what I’d prefer).

I have no hips, and need all the help I can get!

Fortunately, I found the supplier Not sure what I think of the site yet, but the petticoats I ordered are pictured at the end of this post. Cost a total of $17. Looking forward to rocking them with my polka dot heels and a rockabilly dress!

But later a friend told me about Amazon. These two petticoats go up to XL, important since transwomen tend to run larger than cisgender women, and the price is about the same. They come in multiple colors and sizes up to XL:

Here is me working these designs:

sissy fashion

I’m too badass to succeed as a sissy, though I’ll admit I fantasize about the lifestyle. The most I could manage is compliant, submissive housewife.

But I love sissy fashion.

Going to start pulling it off in my day-to-day attire. Started by buying the frilliest dresses I could find and a derby hat. Next going to acquire a few highly flared petticoats.

Because I fucking can.

And I want to get fucked while wearing such attire.

Few live out their dreams.

Here are examples of the look I plan to cultivate: