the pedagogy of love

We don’t teach teenagers and young adults what romantic love actually is.

And we sure as Hell can’t leave it up to parents, who often lack the knowledge themselves.

In my recent post, “on love”, I deconstructed and then worked to enrich the concept of romantic love. I discuss mistakes I’ve made and promote keys to success. Primarily I distinguish between romantic love as a “brain chemical high” vs. romantic love as verb (i.e., something one does, something one acts on, a choice). We need, as a society, to teach this distinction. We need to teach best practices in light of this distinction. The resulting improvement in understanding will lead to more effective relationships and more stable families.

But who can teach this? I propose the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Schools
  • Scouting programs
  • Religious youth groups
  • Teen fiction and teen media

I’ll think of others.

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