a non-linear and holistic work ethic

I started working out a holistic map of my work ethic and work values, and quickly found that linearity failed to cut it. Essentially, I need to capture the interdependencies between spiritual, social, and financial wealth. More importantly, I need to illustrate the crucial balance between these factors. Enter non-linear system dynamics: Simulation, based on […]

Thermo Fisher: ten years at an uncommonly fabulous company

Many laid-off employees trash their former employer. But my decade at Thermo Fisher stands as one of the richest experiences of my life, despite significant challenges along the way. So I want to remind current Thermo Fisher employees and leadership what they can take pride in: Exceptional Handling of my On-the-Job Gender Change I joined […]

living fabulously off of society’s exhaust (part 1)

I’m exploring the concept of “living off of society’s exhaust”. What do I mean by this? Still working that out. Our society produces two exhaust streams: Waste and information. Both involve entropy. Information can be further (sort of) divided into data and system state. Here I envision data being something like a Twitter feed and […]

why I often try to date coworkers

Folks generally consider it a bad idea to date coworkers. But I have a specific reason why I support the idea: Safety. Here is the thing: Dating while trans is difficult—and dangerous. Transgender women often become death statistics. Therefore meeting in person with a stranger whom I first met online scares the shit out of […]

two years and tremendous gratitude

Mini, Lauren, Liz, Aryan, Natasha, Veronica, Namritha, Marie, Stacie, and Susan, Exactly two years ago tomorrow I became “Emily”. Your support during that critical period in my life made success possible. As you know, the journey proved extremely rough, but I’ve never once held second thoughts. And it is an ongoing journey; one is never […]

HRC Corporate Equality Index correlates with Fortune’s 50 most admired companies

The Human Right’s Campaign, one of America’s largest civil rights groups, scores companies in its yearly Corporate Equality Index (CEI) according to their treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees [1]. The companies automatically evaluated are the Fortune 1000 and American Lawyer’s top 200. Additionally, any sufficiently large private sector organization can request inclusion […]