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The road to Heaven is paved with bad intentions.

I’m an anarchist at heart (see my post “frugal anarchy”). I have lived out, and continue to live out, many anarchistic values. For example I don’t ever try to control anyone, and I once claimed squatters’ rights to an abandoned piece of land.

But I’m also practical:  Revolution isn’t coming any time soon, and let’s face it, revolution is ugly business anyway. A lot of people get killed and often the end result proves worse than the beginning.

And to be honest, despite capitalism’s many faults, it stands out as the most creative (temporal) force I know. And it lifts far more people out of poverty than organized religion and communism combined.

I’m writing this blog within the constraints of a capitalist world order. And I need to fund the project. So I must nominally play the capitalist game.

Therefore I’m showing ads to you. I’m attempting to cross-sell. I’m writing a book that I’d like you to buy. I’m attempting to sell original music to you.

Please accept this with grace.

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For my part, I won’t flinch on the authenticity which you’ve learned to expect from me. Integrity stands front and center!